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Start the New Year off Right

We align a new year with new beginnings and renewed hope. The events of the current year do not need to be recounted- as we all have very much lived through it. As we celebrate the holiday season with loved ones, albeit perhaps not in the traditional way, we are looking forward to the fresh start a new year will bring. This new year is the perfect opportunity to rewrite your story, set new goals, and leave behind all that has weighed you down in 2020. As the calendar rolls over, it is a time to be grateful for what you already have and turn towards acquiring what will help to start your new year off right. Whether that be that new timepiece you have been thinking of acquiring or a stunning gift to brighten up the year for someone you love – we have exactly what you are looking for.

Rolex Daytona: Watching the clock roll over to a new year will look that much more stunning when you watch the hands reach twelve o’clock on your Rolex Daytona. Designed to meet the needs of race car drivers, the Daytona has a love affair with speed, and the power that embodies makes it the perfect timepiece to have on the wrist of someone striving for, and exceeding their goals. An icon joined forever in form and function to high-performance sport remains in a class of its own and is sure to stun as it adorns wrists throughout the coming year.

Dazzling Diamonds: The holidays are synonymous with sparkle and shine. The perfect gift this season which will certainly “ring” in the new year in an insurmountable way is to dazzle the love of your life with a diamond that shines as brightly as she does. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a ring to acknowledge decades of marriage, or just a gorgeous gift to brighten her new year, a well-chosen piece with rare and beautiful jewels will set this holiday season apart, and supercharge the new year in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Cartier Ballon Bleu: The house of Cartier is renowned for its fashion, iconic imagery, and heritage. The Ballon Bleu floats upon the wrist of the woman who wears it. Echoing ultra femininity with an embellished dial, the Ballon Bleu is quintessential Cartier, and easily transitions across contexts and events. Ending this year and turning to the next is made that much more exciting with this classic timepiece documenting the time. In a year where we all could use a “pick-me-up”, Cartier delivers in spades whether it’s a piece you purchase for yourself or someone dear to you.

End this year with a bang! Whether you are looking for the perfect holiday gift or looking to add your next great piece to your collection- we have what you are looking for. Visit our Facebook page at for inspiration or shop with us through a video call to find the perfect piece that speaks to you. We ship internationally. Give us a call at 561.368.1454 to begin your journey.

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Giving Thanks This Year

With the holiday season fast approaching, it might be hard to reflect on this past year and feel optimistic about all that has transpired. However, when faced with challenges and uncertainty, now more than ever, it is important to practice gratitude and give thanks. It may be that your Thanksgiving and winter holiday celebrations look a little different this year, but we believe they can still be memorable by noting all the priceless daily gifts you are surrounded by when you take time to take stock. Of course, a stunning gift for that special person in your life who has helped to make this year a little brighter could be nice as well! This month we share some of our most elegant gifts that are sure to bring some light and joy to someone’s life.

Cartier Tank Francaise: The diamond-encrusted bezel of the Tank Francaise radiates elegance while still being accessible enough for everyday wear. The legacy of this timepiece is one that will remain iconic for years to come, making it a heritage timepiece that will stay in the family for generations. The world of Cartier is rich with recognizable design, high-fashion, and timeless beauty. This is a gift that will bring joy to whoever has the honor to wear it.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak: Truly one of our favorites, the Royal Oak is masculinity personified. From the boardroom to the golf course, this timepiece is a stunner. With its steel case, octagonal bezel, tapisserie dial, and integrated bracelet, the Royal Oak upturned expectations in 1972 and continues to do so today. With its avant-garde design, the Royal Oak has taken its place as a modern icon in horology. This timepiece demands to be noticed and is truly a gift to be cherished for ages.

IWC Pilot Chronograph: From celebrities to pilots, IWC timepieces can be seen on the wrists of those who love adventure. Originally crafted for aviation experts in the 1930s, the cockpit instrument look leads the aesthetic of the Pilot Chronograph today. The unique combination of functionality and aesthetics sets this IWC timepiece apart with outstanding precision and technology. This is the quintessential timepiece for those who know how to dream and know how to dream big.

We believe it is important to remember to give thanks! Spread love this holiday season and take time to notice all that you have to be grateful for, despite trying times. We are here to help you make the most out of this holiday season. We have the experience and the passion to help you find your next timepiece that matches your lifestyle perfectly! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see all that we have to offer you!

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Celebrating Moments of Joy

As we enter the final quarter of what has been a trying year, one of the best ways to help bring some joy to those we love is to surprise them with something exquisite that they have always desired. Gifting loved ones’ timeless gifts feels as good to the person doing the gifting as it does for the person receiving the gift. As we head towards year-end, with the holidays upcoming, it is natural to take a moment to reflect on what we have been through and where we have been successful, even when the odds were stacked against us. We believe this is a great time to give the gift of a lifetime to those whom we adore, to help lift their spirits and bring some light to an otherwise dreary year. This month we suggest some of the accessories that we feel truly shine as we think of the moments in which we can bring a smile to the faces of those you cherish the most.

Lifelong Commitment: Trying times can teach us one of two things: Who are the people we have difficulty weathering the storm with, and who are the people we can not live without? If this year has highlighted for you that you absolutely can not navigate the ups and downs of life with anyone else other than your partner, we feel that a monumental way to turn a difficult year around and to create something you will cherish as a positive experience is to ask your partner to be by your side for life. A stunning engagement ring will outshine the hardships of this year and will instead replace difficult memories with ones filled with absolute love and anticipation for your years ahead, together. Complete with a personalized proposal that exudes love and commitment, this moment in time will outshine an otherwise difficult year.

Heritage Timepieces: Nothing honors time, family, and prestige like a timepiece that is going to be passed down through family members for generations. You know that timepiece, the one that they’ve always admired, have always wanted to add to their collection? Now is the perfect time to surprise them with haute horology to rewrite what they remember about this year. We have always found giving the perfect timepiece poetic. The ideal thing about giving an opulent timepiece as a gift is that every time they look down at their wrist, they will remember the time they were gifted it, as well as the person who gifted it to them. What a perfect way to rewrite the year and honor cherished memories; the timepiece that matches their lifestyle perfectly is the thoughtful remedy to end the year on a high note.

Accessories that Shine: When we think about anyone that has a signature style, we immediately recall the accessory that gives them that iconic look. Whether it is a signature ring, a defining bracelet, or a necklace that perfectly rests along their collarbone, perfectly matched, timeless accessories help to contribute to identity as much as clothing style or personality. When you look good, you feel good, and now more than ever we could all use a little boost in feeling good. Whether it is a gift to yourself, or a gift to a loved one, a timeless accessory is a great way to honor self, success, and achievement.

Find moments to celebrate joy and love! Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring or the timepiece that you have been looking to complement your lifestyle, we have what you are looking for! Our passion and years of experience combine to give you an experience that is unsurpassed.

Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see all that we have to offer you.

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Honoring History: Panerai

Part of the appeal of being an aficionado of the world’s finest timepieces is the rich and varied history behind some of the world’s Haute horology creators and innovators. Steeped in decades of history, often coming from grassroots beginnings, we love to learn the story behind the timepiece. One of those such stories surrounds Officine Panerai. Dating back to the first World War, Panerai patented its Radiomir substance. From there, they created their first timepiece, which is now known as the Radiomir. Created for the First Submarine Group Command of the Royal Italian Navy, the Radiomir patent marks the beginning of a legacy of innovation and ingenuity for Panerai.

Radiomir was discovered to have high luminosity and excellent underwater adhesive qualities immediately making it a key component in Officine Panerai’s production. The beautiful element of this historical moment is that to this day, Panerai mimics a lot of the original production elements of this timepiece. A large cushioned steel case, luminescent numerals, a hand-wound mechanical movement, and a water-resistant strap are all retained from the original prototype. This indicates quality craftsmanship and sound innovation all while meeting the technical and aesthetical needs of the modern collector.

Built on a legacy of Italian design, Swiss technology, and a passion for the sea, Panerai timepieces are a coveted item amongst the discerning horology connoisseur. Offering more than just history and aesthetics, Panerai timepieces speak to the contemporary man as the timepiece to support all of your interests and hobbies. From explorers to adventurers, from the mountains to the sea, Panerai can be found on the wrist of the most active of recreational enthusiasts. It is precisely because of this marrying of craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetics that helps to set Panerai timepieces apart, making them a truly coveted piece within the world of watchmaking and collecting.

Are you looking to add to your collection? Perhaps you are looking for your next great heritage timepiece to add to your family legacy or to celebrate a monumental moment in time? Our passion and years of experience combine to help you find the timepiece that suits your lifestyle. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see how we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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Honoring the Heroes in Our Lives

The last few months have tested us all. Pivoting to work from home, learn from home, and being confined with the same people with little reprieve has tested us all. Heroes have emerged throughout this pandemic, from healthcare workers to frontline staff to household heroes. We have seen the partner, spouse, or loved one press through when times got difficult. They problem solved when it felt like there was no solution and helped to keep everything (and everyone!) moving forward when it felt like the whole world was at a standstill.

As we begin to transition to a lifestyle that looks a little more like the one we recognize, it is time to honor that hero in your life, from the recent grad who didn’t get to experience convocation in the way they wanted to but smiled for pictures anyway, to the parent who did double duty working from home and keeping the kids learning at home simultaneously, as well as the doctors in our lives who still had to work every day — often with little to no downtime. A great accessory symbolizes the hard work and accomplishments of our household heroes during a time that has not been seen before in our lifetime. We love giving our loved ones something to smile about!

Household Hero #1: The Recent Grad Graduation is a rite of passage as students transition into either post-secondary education or when graduating from college, transitioning into the workforce. Formal dresses have been purchased, hairstyles have been chosen, and for many graduating students, they did not get the parties, ceremony, or pomp and circumstance they may have received if our lives were “business as usual.” Despite not having the traditional graduation, a keepsake honoring the occasion and the hard work of years of learning is a perfect way to acknowledge the achievement. A Rolex is perhaps one of the most iconic timepieces and the perfect symbol to honor this moment in a young person’s life. Decades from now, when they glance down to check the time, this moment in time will be remembered.

Household Hero #2: The Multitasking Mom For many, stay-at-home orders meant that they had to continue on the best they could while working from home. This took a lot of adjustment as folks across the country had to set up make-shift work stations at home, spend endless hours on video calls, and operate the best they could to mimic their traditional workday. As if that was not complicated enough, many parents also had to support their children during distance learning. This was a difficult task for many students to adjust to, which meant it was doubly difficult for parents/guardians to try to work their 9-5 job and support their children who were learning from home. Yet somehow, our multi-tasking heroes were able to juggle both and keep the work team and family team operational. We love the timeless elegance of a Cartier timepiece, and the legacy the brand carries; the perfect symbol for your multitasking hero.

Household Hero #3: The Doctor Not everyone had the luxury of being able to transition to working from home and staying safe inside. For a lot of industries, workers needed to leave the house during the pandemic; this is especially true for doctors. Aside from the stress and anxiety of working in hospitals during a health crisis, physicians who had to leave the house had the added stress of worrying about potentially bringing the virus home to their family. Increased protocols, social distancing, constant sanitizing/hand washing, and wearing a mask for hours at a time are all part of a healthcare worker’s day. The strength and resilience of those who had to push through the pandemic day in and day out while helping to save others is a task that we think needs to be honored! We love the strength and function of Ulysse Nardin and think this is the perfect timepiece for the doctor who persevered and kept working to keep others safe and healthy.

We are pleased to offer you the luxury accessories and timepieces you are looking for, for every moment in your life! Visit us online at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see all that we have to offer you!

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Appreciating the Aesthetic

During times of increased stress and pressure, whether that be due to upcoming deadlines at work, important meetings that just have to go well or the current economic and health concerns we are currently experiencing, it is that much more important to practice gratitude and surround ourselves with the people and the things that we love. Making family meals together at home, practicing your chip shot in your backyard, or reflecting on the heritage timepiece that will be passed down throughout your family are all great examples of being mindful and present throughout moments of stress. When the world forces us to hit pause and slow down our lifestyle just a little bit, it is a nice time to admire the beauty and the abundance that surrounds our every day. This month we want to take a minute to reflect on some of our favorite legacy timepieces that bring beauty and brilliance to our lives.

Patek Philippe: Patek Philippe has long be regarded for the beauty and precision they bring to each one of their timepieces. In the same way, one would invest in a coveted and timeless watch in order to pass down to their future generations, the handcrafted detail and adornments on a Patek Philippe timepiece are executed by the hands of highly skilled specialists—a talent that is also passed down through generations. The beauty is in the details and from its beating heart to its case and dial, to own a Patek Philippe is to honor the meticulous attention to craftsmanship and to revel in the spectacular creation that embodies centuries-old techniques.

Cartier: The living heritage of Cartier originates with their first piece dating back to 1860 and their story lives on today. Cartier has long embodied a conversation between creativity and technique, which is evident in each piece of their collection. Their ability to bring their materials and designs to life represents a fluid relationship between the designers and the watchmakers. Throughout the decades the collections have grown, evolving constantly. From their emblematic animal, the Panther, to the iconic style of their timepieces, Cartier is steeped in history and the magnetism or their timepieces are world-renowned.

Rolex: With a long history of iconic partnerships, Rolex is not only one of the most recognizable brands in the world, they have also aligned themselves with some of the most exemplary athletes and figures in the world. Rolex has been accompanying explorers, adventurers, and leaders of their fields for over a century, and their legacy is well regarded. With scrupulous attention to detail and a perfect marriage between functionality and style, Rolex’s position atop the horology field is well earned. With a unique and lasting contribution to global culture, science, and exploration, Rolex creates timepieces worthy of gifting to future generations.

When the world deals us difficult moments, it is important to stop and appreciate the things we have in our lives that bring us joy and beauty. Heritage timepieces are great ways to infuse your family tree with history and family legacy!

Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see how we can help you select your next timepiece!

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Show-Stopping Timepieces

With awards and film festival season in full swing, red carpets the globe over are providing a backdrop for the hottest fashion and the most dazzling accessories. As we take in all that glitters from the Golden Globes to the SAG awards to the Sundance Film Festival, we wanted to honor some of our “best-of” timepieces that we think stand out as the head of their class! Whether you have a red carpet to walk down or a boardroom of investors to impress, wearing the timepiece that best compliments your lifestyle is guaranteed to ensure you stand out as the best in whatever you do.

Patek Philippe: We love the enduring appeal of a Patek Philippe timepiece. Since the beginning, this brand has always embodied the spirit of innovation. The result? A timepiece that is hand finished, crafted for aesthetics and longevity of wear which has created a collection that has often solicited a cult following. Marrying the designer’s expertise and the watchmaker’s skills, Patek Philippe masters horology. The man who adorns his wrist with this timepiece stands out as a man who admires an accessory of timeless worth. It’s not hard for us to acknowledge Patek Philippe as a stand-out brand and one of our favorites that we think everyone should have in their collection.

Audemars Piguet: Participating in an ongoing quest to explore the connection between art, nature, and horology, Audemars Piguet tells a unique story of artistic merit and technical mastery. The reach of Audemars Piguet is vast, extending into the art of sport, music and building relationships. This creates a timepiece that stands out not only for their impact on the world of horology but for their impact on society and the connections they build with others. Personifying independence and excellence, Audemars Piguet stands out as a heritage timepiece which is undoubtedly one of our leading picks in Haute Horology.

Rolex: What we love about Rolex is the versatility. The extensive variety in available collections means that the most iconic watch brand in the world has a style for every lifestyle and every taste. With an instantly recognizable aesthetic, a Rolex timepiece commands attention and is sure to get noticed. Subtle luxury is what makes this timepiece an award-winner and one of our go-to choices to complete the look you are going for. Regardless of where your day takes you, Rolex is sure to punctuate your style and convey a strong message about your values in doing so.

We have the best of the best! Regardless of your aesthetic or lifestyle, whether this is your first luxury timepiece or you are adding to your collection, we have exactly what you are looking for! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see the show-stopping timepieces we have for you!

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Accessorizing for the Holidays and Special Events

The summer months are now well behind us and with them, the garden parties, yachting adventures, and weekend getaways. Not all is lost, though! The fall and winter bring with them a whole new set of holidays and events that require you to look your best and stand out in a crowd. With events like Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, and so many fun events such as the Palm Beach Balloon Festival, there are going to be many occasions where what’s on your wrist will be noticed as you shake hands, enjoy an exquisite cigar after a productive dinner meeting, or as you “cheer” across the holiday table with friends and family. The cooler months still require one to look sharp, so we take a moment to consider the timepieces that will look best at the events you have upcoming in your calendar this fall season.

Palm Beach Balloon Festival – An event that takes place within your community can be a delight to take part in. This one we think doubly so! There is something magical about hot air balloons glowing at dusk and tethered balloon rides, but let’s not forget it is also a valuable opportunity to network, make new connections and new friends. Combining a fun, outdoorsy afternoon with the experience of strengthening your community ties is a Saturday well-spent. With the Balloon Festival taking place at the International Polo Club in Palm Beach on November 29, we think adorning your wrist with the timeless luxury of the Rolex Daytona is the perfect way to highlight a confident yet relatable person. This classic timepiece is easily recognized and coveted around the globe.

Client and Partner Dinners – Anyone who is embroiled in the world of business, finance, sales, or indeed any career that requires meetings that take place at a luxe location with your business partner and clients, knows the importance of dressing the part. How you represent yourself speaks on some level to how you can represent your business and serve your client’s needs. For this individual, we love the Patek Philippe Nautilus. This timepiece exudes subtle opulence, industry-leading innovation, and aesthetics while always being grounded in heritage. The perfect accessory for the trail-blazing individual who knows exactly where they have come from and where they are headed in the future.

Holidays! – The holiday season is here, and it kicks off with Thanksgiving at the end of the month, closely followed by Hanukkah, Christmas and, we can hardly believe it’s that time again, the New Year. We know you will want to look your best at each intimate gathering these holidays hold. Whether your holidays are a low-key affair spent with your closest family members, or if it looks more like a long table with dozens of your relatives and friends gathered around it, holiday events always ask for a little more of us. Whether intimate or extravagant, the holidays are the perfect occasion for an Audemars Piguet on your wrist. Haute horology with a conscience, Audemars Piguet has an ongoing story of marrying artistry and technology, resulting in exquisite timepieces to be enjoyed by generations – which is the very essence of the Holidays.

With the busy end-of-year events upon us, are you looking for your next great timepiece or accessory for yourself or a loved one? Searching for that ideal gift? We have the knowledge and the passion to pair the perfect timepiece to your lifestyle. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see what we have to offer you!

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Bespoke Summer Sippers and Exquisite Timepieces

It may be the dog days of summer, but there is still plenty of gorgeous weather and valuable time left to be spent with friends and loved ones. We want to help you to enjoy the long summer days and blissful evenings by suggesting some of our favorite bespoke summer cocktails you could have on hand to serve your guests. Naturally, with an exquisite cocktail in hand, we know you will have an eye-catching accessory on your wrist to accent it!

Piguet Limoncello Collins:. A summery twist on a classic, this cocktail mixes gin with lemon-flavored liquor, making it the perfect cocktail to cool off with in the shade while hosting a late summer garden party. This drink is easily multiplied according to your number of guests and when made in large batches will serve your guests quickly and easily.

  • 1.5 ounces of gin
  • 2 ounces of Limoncello (lemon-flavored liquor)
  • 2 ounces of club soda
  • Garnish with paper-thin lemon slices

Classic and adaptable, we love Audemars Piguet. Creating timepieces since 1875, and operating on the belief that in order to break the rules, you first must understand them, we love the connection between the Tom Collins revamped, and the nod to tradition will always moving forward that Audemars Piguet embodies.

Mint Julep: : Horse-racing season may be over (well, the Triple Crown series of racing, anyway), but we still love the crisp and refreshing taste of a well-done mint julep. A highball glass, muddled mint, lots of crushed ice and fresh mint leaves to garnish are sure to cool down even the hottest Southern summer afternoon.

  • 2.5 ounces of bourbon
  • .5 ounce of simple syrup
  • .75 ounce of lime juice
  • 1 ounce of club soda
  • Garnish with mint sprigs

The sophistication of this bourbon-based classic pairs nicely with the meticulous attention to detail of a hand-finished Patek Philippe. A heritage timepiece, a Patek Philippe is sure to be enjoyed by you and your heirs as your favorite accessory stands the test of time, being enjoyed by generations.

Thai-Basil Sangria: A playful twist on the traditional, this sangria is white wine-based and enjoys a fusion of flavor from orange juice and a kick of brandy. Adding basil and citrus zest to the simple syrup while it simmers, elevates the taste and provides a little something extra. This recipe makes a pitcher- combine below ingredients with pre-made basil simple syrup for a flavourful summer sipper.

  • 2 bottles of chilled Pinot Grigio
  • ¾ cup of brandy
  • ½ cup of fresh orange juice
  • Chilled club soda (to top each glass once poured)

We think the adventurous man or woman who likes to stray from the expected will be sipping this cocktail with a Ulysse Nardin on their wrist. Honoring history and shaping the future, Ulysse Nardin is known for their revolutionary developments in haute-horology.

Are you looking for your next great timepiece or accessory? Our passion and years of experience for exquisite, sophisticated and statement pieces are sure to give you unsurpassed service and selection! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see how we can help pair you with the best piece to complement your lifestyle!

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Summer Sparkle All Year Long

We love this time of year (we know, who doesn’t?) Endless summer days spent upon your yacht, cruising the glistening waters with friends and family. These days are followed by sultry summer nights, taking in the sights and smells of your favorite hot-spot, sipping a glass of champagne with the love of your life by your side. While enjoying all that summer has to offer you, we know you have only the best accessories adorning you as you transition from daytime casual to night-time sizzle. We want you to carry your summer sparkle all year long and so we share some of our must-have pieces for both him and her. These pieces are guaranteed to bring the heat this summer and all year long.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time:. The Nautilus has epitomized the elegant sports watch for decades. Marrying incomparable class and durability, this timepiece adds to the active lifestyle. Easily transitioning from the boardroom to the golf course, this piece combines two highly popular complications in addition to other functions that help to make daily living a breeze. The Travel Time function allows the wearer to see two different time zones simultaneously, in just a single glance. Opulence and functionality; truly a look that is suitable all year long.

Rolex Datejust President: Classics never go out of style, and it’s the iconic look and industry-leading recognition that keeps Rolex at the top of many horology aficionados’ must-have list. We love the clean, identifiable lines of the Datejust President, conveying the confidence, taste, and lifestyle of the woman who wears it. This is the benchmark for excellence and we think the message this conveys is not just a look that sizzles in summer, but one that demands attention the other months of the year as well.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar: Diverging by just one day in 578 years, the Portuguese is synced to the cycles of the moon. Precision craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and an internal system that powers your timepiece to perfection, IWC is globally recognized for their part in the world of horology. On the constant quest for top performance, the minds, and engineers that power IWC deliver a product that combines vision and technique to produce a timepiece that is flawless.

Are you ready to acquire your next piece to elevate your aesthetic? Searching for the perfect gift for the love of your life? We have what you need! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see how we can help you find your next piece to compliment your lifestyle!

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It’s Time to Sip This Year’s Top Wines

It really is about the little things in life. That moment at the end of the day when you get to shed off the stressors of work and other daily obligations and relax in your favorite place with your favorite people and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. Like a signature timepiece, often we have a wine preference that is as much entwined with our identity and our lifestyle as our clothing choices or our occupation. This month we highlight some of the top wine picks for 2019 and consider the type of timepiece connoisseur who may enjoy them.

There is something to be said about taking a great deal of time and effort to produce an exquisite product. Such is the way Bonterra works their vineyards. Using a farming method that is described as “biodynamic”, a holistic approach is taken to growing the grapes and maintaining the vineyard. It is a practice that wants to maintain a harmonious balance between the ecosystem and the health of the vines. The result is a well-balanced wine with a savory profile. We recommend you try Bonterra The Roost Single Vineyard Chardonnay (2016). The notes of apple and lemon are certain to be crowd pleasers. The practice of meticulous craftsmanship and mindfulness for nature is also embedded in the horological practices of Audemars Piguet. Creating timepieces that master technology and innovation while also acknowledging the connection to the arts and nature, Audemars Piguet provides the best of all worlds. Since 1992, the company has been contributing through awareness- raising endeavors to world-wide forest conservation. Truly embodying both the finest in luxury while being conscientious of the environment.

High standards for pristine quality is the hallmark of a sought-after product; wine is no different. One thing we love about Chateau Cap Leon Veyrin Listrac-Medoc Cru Bourgeois (2015) is that in order to have the Cru Bourgeois designation, a stringent set of tasting and testing methods are applied every year in order to ensure it receives the designation. This demand for quality perfection is evident in every rich and silky sip, delivering black cherry and earthy spices. With their vertically integrated production, Patek Philippe ensures each timepiece from conception to production is handled in-house. This independent watchmaker has well-guarded their technological leadership and continually improve the quality and long-term reliability of their luxury timepieces. The quality embedded in each Patek Philippe helps to make it a heritage timepiece to be enjoyed by generations.

Knowledge and experience go a long way when crafting something superior. The brut coming out of California winery Domaine Carneros is one such example. Winemaker Eileen Crane has been demonstrating her skills and expertise for the last 30 years. A bottle of the 2014 Ultra Brut is no exception. With very little sugar added, deftness is required to craft the perfect bottle. Vibrant, piercing and refreshing, a bottle of these bubbles are simply delightful on the palette. The knowledge and expertise needed in horology are evident in the timepieces created by Ulysse Nardin. For more than 170 years, they have acknowledged their sea-faring past and have remained focused on the horizon of the future. Remaining steadfast in their quest of precision and ingenuity, routinely, they create beautiful timepieces that showcase their knowledge and experience.

As you raise a glass of your favorite vino this year, what are you going to have on your wrist? Our passion and years of experience combine to give you unsurpassed service. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see how we can help you find your next great timepiece!

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Go Above and Beyond for Love

Finding the person who truly understands you, supports you, celebrates your accomplishments and stands by your side during difficult times is an amazing gift. And while you appreciate and value that person’s contribution to your life every day, February allows you to pause, reflect and truly honor that person and their effect and influence on you and your well-being in a monumental way.

This Valentine’s Day we offer some gift ideas to help you symbolize the importance of your partner and remind them with a truly memorable gift, just how valued they are.

Cartier: With a long history of selling exquisite jewelry to royalty, we cannot think of a better timepiece to honor your queen with this Valentine’s Day. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has been seen wearing the Ballon Bleu on her wrist and we know it would look just as stunning on the arm of the woman of distinction in your life. The Ballon Bleu collection adds a dash of elegance to the wrist of the wearer, with time guided by Roman numerals and a deep blue winding mechanism. The collection floats through the world of horology and aesthetics, truly symbolizing the grace and beauty of the woman who wears it.

Chopard: Opulent jewels and precision craftsmanship are not only reserved for the most coveted timepieces. Refined design and supreme luxury also come together in Chopard’s Happy Spirit necklace. Yellow gold and diamonds glitter along her décolletage, as concentric hearts envelop a solitary diamond. This piece exudes elegant simplicity, perfectly embodying your love with an iconic heart adorned in diamonds. This is the quintessential piece to gift your amour on the day of the year reserved for true love.

Patek Philippe: With their unique heritage and luxury design, Patek Philippe continues to stand out as the high-end watch brand for connoisseurs around the globe. The Aquanaut embodies all that is modern, chic and sporty in the world of the Swiss watchmaker. Creating a sensation when first launched with its innovative look and functionality, this piece is a must-have in every man’s collection. Balancing enduring appeal and superb craftsmanship, Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut is the timepiece for the man who balances a busy workweek with weekends filled with adventure- truly the man you love.

Be luxurious in love this Valentine’s Day! We have the jewelry and the timepieces that are perfectly suited for your partner! From glittering diamonds to the world’s most coveted timepieces, our showroom has it all!

Our passion and years of experience work to match you with the perfect piece to compliment your partner’s lifestyle!

Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to make this a Valentine’s Day they won’t soon forget!

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Fashion Versatility for the Modern Man

Fashion is intensely personal, and therefore intensely versatile. To make a style your own, or to have a signature look is something some people strive for their entire lives, while it seems to come naturally to others. Owning a coveted, heritage timepiece that subtly conveys its iconic status and immeasurable style is one way in which both the rugged and the polished man can claim his style look. This month we not only acknowledge some of the most desirable timepieces, we also introduce you to a way in which the modern man can easily change his style by wearing one of these already symbolic timepieces and then adding a level of personal customization through the acquisition of a Rubber B band or strap.

Rolex: The timepiece for the man who embodies classic fashion, Rolex is arguably one of the most recognizable brands in the world. From tennis to equestrian pursuits, Rolex has aligned itself with the athletic and the distinguished. As such, Rubber B bands for Rolex have followed suit. Made from 100% vulcanized rubber and hand finished in Switzerland, Rubber B offers the opportunity to set your Rolex apart from the crowd. Compatible across different models and offered in a variety of colors, Rubber B allows the fashionably classic to truly own their profound passion for Rolex and customize their timepiece to suit the occasion and the event they wear it to.

Patek Philippe: The enduring appeal of a Patek Philippe timepiece exudes the savoir-faire associated with the man that wears one. Sophisticated and adroit, this man excels in any social or business gathering; confidently navigating any situation. For a man that adapts to every circumstance he finds himself presented with throughout the day, the flexibility of a Rubber B strap can keep up with the events this man attends. With a universal fit and manufactured with a non-marking and non-allergen rubber, this band helps to further set your timepiece- and your style- apart from the crowd.

Audemars Piguet: Subverting the usual, Audemars Piguet is innovative and forward-thinking; truly solidifying itself as a modern icon. Alluring and captivating, Audemars Piguet is constantly evolving the way horology is approached and the man whose wrist this timepiece adorns personifies these ideologies. The sense of lineage and heritage has always been important to the Audemars Piguet company, exemplified by the fact this is the only high-end watch company still in the hands of the founding families. Show your innovation with your style as you marry the traditional with the modern by changing the look of your Audemars Piguet timepiece with a Rubber B band. Your Royal Oak model will transcend fashion and functionality when paired with your choice of Rubber B band.

The modern man’s fashion is versatile, and interchangeable bands from Rubber B help to bring your look to a new level. Change your look when you want and on your terms. Are you ready for your next great timepiece? We can help! Our passion and years of experience combine to give you unsurpassed service and products. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to find the piece that speaks to your lifestyle!

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Summer Sea-Faring Timepieces

The sun is shining, the water is glistening and the sea air beckons. Summer is officially here and that means the open ocean calls out to the aquatic lover. Whether it be aboard your yacht or sailboat, now is the time to hit open water and enjoy your days and weekends aboard your vessel surrounded by the most important people in life. Of course, if the sea is where you spend your free time, undoubtedly the timepiece that adorns your wrist will reflect your lifestyle. This month we touch on some of our favorite nautical-centric timepieces to best reflect who you are and your passions.

Rolex Yacht-Master: Embodying the spirit of the sailor, the Yacht-Master is inspired by the rich heritage of the sailing world. Blending function, style, and technology, the Yacht- Master is both stunningly aesthetic and fully functional to support you during your yachting regatta. Using the innovation of Oystersteel, the Yacht-Master is extremely resistant to corrosion and offers an exceptionally polished finished. Truly a timepiece created for the nautical aficionado, the Yacht-Master is perfectly tailored for this lifestyle.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut: Taking the horological world by storm in 1997, the Aquanaut created a splash with its avant-guard design and superb technical innovation. Featuring a rounded octagon case inspired by the Nautilus, the Aquanaut also sports a “tropical” strap which is resistant to UV radiation, salt air, and wear. Combining the head-turning prestige synonymous with Patek Phillipe and the active innovation that the sea-life demands, this is a modern, sporty and chic timepiece and is a must-own in any sailor’s collection.

Ulysse Nardin Marine: Paying homage to the company’s rich history with the sea, the Marine is one of the quintessential timepieces associated with all things aquatic. This watch is the ultimate expression of technological performance and eye-catching design. With kinematics that have been rigorously tested, the Marine is made to set you up for success every time you navigate the open water.

This summer let your passions drive you! We have the timepieces that align perfectly with your look and your lifestyle. Our experience and love for the industry work to provide you with unsurpassed service! You can now shop from the comfort of your home or office through our Skype service! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see all that we can offer you.

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Honor the Outstanding Woman in Your Life

May is the month for honoring the strong, influential woman in your life. Whether it be your wife, partner, mother, grandmother or best friend, May gives us the opportunity to acknowledge how the support of an important woman can make all the difference to the success and happiness in our lives. We encourage you not to rely on the one day to pay homage to these ladies, but to honor them all month- and in fact all year. What better way to symbolize your appreciation for all that she does for you than to give her a stellar timepiece? Therefore, every time she glances down at it, she will be reminded of you.

Patek Phillippe
For the lady who knows how to balance elegance and spontaneity and who brings joy to every room she enters, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 encapsulates all that she embodies. The Twenty-4 epitomizes timeless feminine elegance. The perfect complement to fashion and function, this timepiece follows the contours of her wrist comfortably, ensuring a perfect fit that matches every aspect of her lifestyle. The active, modern woman is dynamic and powerful and the Twenty-4 symbolizes this ideally.

Ulysse Nardin
Vibrant and energetic women who can easily go from enjoying a glass of buttery chardonnay with her best friends to engaging in a lively rally on the tennis court, or putting for birdie on the 18th green, Ulysse Nardin symbolizes all that this woman represents. Known for swimming against the tide, Ulysse Nardin signifies a woman who is always on the go. This lady does not wait for change, she creates it. The sporty, yet elegant Ulysse Nardin can keep up with her lifestyle and ensure she always looks elegant and powerful while conquering her day.

We admire the lady who is always on the go, yet somehow manages to maintain everyone else’s schedules as well, ensuring appointments are met and meetings are arranged. She keeps the days and the weeks running smoothly and is the driving force behind the success of your family. This lady embodies the design and values of the classic and timeless Rolex. Attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship are what drive Rolex and this attention to detail is what the successful and organized woman has in spades. Crafted out of the finest material, you can be sure that this timepiece is one that can adorn the wrist of even the busiest and highly active woman for a lifetime.

Honor the outstanding lady in your life- we can help! We have the elegant and sophisticated timepieces that are worthy of the women in your life! You can now shop from the comfort of your home or office with our Skype services! Visit us online at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 and see how our passion and experience combine to give you an unsurpassed experience!

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South Florida Food, Wine and Flavors

Florida flavors are worth celebrating, and the arrival of spring is ushering in some of our favorite food and wine festivals. As festival season gears up over the next couple of months, we want to pause to consider how those who enjoy the finer things in life are able to do so — from the vintage Pinot Noirs they savor to the quintessential timepiece they wear while doing so. With both the Las Olas Food and Wine Festival and the Boynton Beach Food, Wine and Brew Festival quickly approaching, we consider some of the libations that will be offered as well as some of the stunning timepieces we expect to see while there.

Patek Phillippe
Wine Connoisseur: The gentleman who knows wine knows how to engage with the luxurious details in life and is as comfortable around a Cohiba Behike as he is a glass of 1990 Le Musigny Grand Cru. With a penchant for picking up the subtle notes in fine wines and knowing exactly which foods to pair it with, the man who pays attention to the meticulous details of life’s fineries is perfectly suited to the timeless elegance that is exuded by Patek Philippe. Known for manufacturing some of the most intricate and complicated timepieces, Patek Philippe has mastered horology and as a result, has created a legacy of artistry and skill.

Craft Beer Aficionado: It seems new craft breweries are opening every day and for the gentleman who knows what to look for in an exceptional IPA or is able to pick up the artisanal flavors of a barrel-aged stout, craft beers offer an exciting opportunity to explore the different directions zymology can take their favorite drink. Being comfortable setting trends and trying new things, IWC speaks to the man who can identify a paradigm-shifting craft beer. With a passion for innovation and pushing the technological elements of horology, IWC has gained an international reputation for combining precise engineering and exclusive design.

Patek Phillippe
Food Taster Extraordinaire: The man with an exclusive pallet knows what he likes and knows what he is looking for as he explores new culinary creations. With an appreciation for the ability to extend culinary boundaries in an insightful and intelligent way, this connoisseur is able to differentiate the various subtleties that are inherent in skilled gastronomy; he loves experiencing culinary science that has been taken to the next level. The timepiece best suited to this man’s preferences is undoubtedly Panerai. Meticulous craftsmanship in both the culinary arena as well as horology is essential to this man. As such, Panerai and its natural blend of technology and design speak to the exquisite taste and high expectations necessary to create perfection.

Are you looking for your next great timepiece? We have what you are looking for! Our passion and years of experience combine to offer you unmatched service and exceptional products. You can now shop from the comfort of your own home or office through our Skype services! Visit our Facebook at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see how we can help you!

Interested in the upcoming Food and Wine Festivals? Visit the following links for more information:

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A League of Its Own

The world’s most iconic watches achieve this status for a reason. Combining superb craftsmanship, innovative technology, and timeless aesthetics help to cement some of the world’s best timepieces as the most enviable and desirable to own. This month we honor one of horology’s classics and perhaps one of the most recognizable brands, Rolex.


The timepiece that high achieving individuals own- there is a reason Rolex has become recognizable worldwide. Crafted from the finest materials and assembled with meticulous detail, Rolex timepieces are undoubtedly designed to the most exacting standards. Founded in 1905, Rolex has a long legacy of creating perfection and aligning itself with horological excellence. Aside from its indisputable aesthetic appeal, Rolex has revolutionized the industry, providing many “firsts.” From the first waterproof watch with the Oyster model in 1926, to the first wristwatch to show two time zones simultaneously with the GMT Master in 1954, Rolex has long been revered for its dedication to evolving the craft while always honoring tradition.


Rolex offers a wide range of models, from the professional to the classic, ensuring there is a timepiece for every wrist. With the option to choose the material, the bezel, the dial and the bracelet, the discerning consumer can find the piece that is perfectly suited to their tastes and their lifestyle. As personal and individual as the process of selecting the quintessential timepiece can be, Rolex allows for the opportunity for each person to find the watch that matches their criteria exactly.

While every Rolex is cherished, the meaning each timepiece brings to its owner is as individualistic as the person who wears it. Whether it signifies personal accomplishment, a life milestone or represents a family heirloom, a Rolex timepiece often transcends its material value and becomes a priceless symbol of a life well-lived. Exceptional moments are honored and remembered with Rolex and with each check of the date or time the wearer is automatically returned to that precious moment in time.


We can help you cherish those memories and remember those moments in time! Our passion and years of experience combine to create the most exceptional experience for you! Let us help you to find the timepiece that best represents your life accomplishments and personal style. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to start your search for the perfect timepiece.

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Expect the Best in 2018

With the holidays behind us, it is time to focus on being the best version of you for the New Year. We think one of the priorities on your radar should be striving towards honoring your achievements and surrounding yourself with the finest in 2018. These exquisite fineries include: Spending quality time with good friends in great places, creating your best moments with family and loved ones and surrounding yourself with the finest quality accessories that speak both to your accomplishments as well as honoring your personal tastes and lifestyle. This month we feature one of our favorite products, the Everest watch band. This premiere company offers alternate bands for your cherished Rolex; the first company to do so for this world-class brand.

Everest bands

The status and prestige that is synonymous with Rolex are undisputed. The iconic look of a Rolex has been coveted and revered across time and place. The team at Everest are Rolex enthusiasts and strive to help to bring your timepiece to the next level. Their passion and knowledge about the Rolex brand, as well as their passion for their own product comes through in spades as they work towards offering you an array of band options to quickly and easily change the look of your timepiece.

Everest bands

Your timepiece is one of the most often worn items in your collection and is also one of the signature pieces that allows you to express your style. By coupling your Rolex with one of Everest’s custom bands, the discerning consumer has the opportunity to fully customize their watch, thereby expressing their style, individuality, and good taste. We love the combination of the Submariner paired with the tan leather band offered by Everest. The Swiss craftsmanship of the band paired with the precise craftsmanship of the Rolex is a winning combination.

Everest bands

Everest has a band for every taste and style. From supple calf leather bands to alligator embossed leather or even vulcanized Swiss rubber, Everest offers the material and the color selection to appeal to every Rolex lover. Interchangeable and easily and effortlessly changed back to the original band, Everest offers the opportunity to fully customize your timepiece and truly make it your own.

Everest bands

We have a wide selection of Rolex watches available for you to choose from. Allow our passion and years of experience to guide you in your selection of your next great timepiece! Surround yourself with only the best this year! We have got what you’re looking for! Now you can shop from the comfort of your own home or office through our Skype service. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to start your journey towards your next exquisite piece. Interested in one of the Everest bands mentioned in this article? Visit their website at to see their entire collection.

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Audemars Piguet: Magical Moments in Time

With the holiday season upon us, your mind is probably mulling your options for the absolutely perfect gift to honor a loved one. Spouse, lover, dear friend or family member, this time of year reminds us how important those closest to us are. Such a valuable relationship, while not quantifiable, can be symbolized by an exquisite gift. A timepiece by Audemars Piguet perfectly balances aesthetics with functionality, creating the perfect holiday gift for the most important person in your life.

Since 1875, the Swiss watchmaker has embodied the foundations of horology. Recognizing the connection between astrology and the passage of time, an Audemars Piguet timepiece is inspired by nature and the beauty inherent in the natural world. As such, artistic life is breathed into every piece, truly making it a work of art. Crafted for both men and women, this is the perfect timepiece for the watch connoisseur who values precision and perfection but also a uniquely beautiful and finely crafted watch which embodies attention to detail.

Audemars Piguet Watch

Tradition and avant-garde are inextricably entwined at Audemars Piguet. A firm understanding of the foundations and customs of watch-making allows the company to push the boundaries and further extend their artistic and creative vision. Frequently creating pieces that are beyond compare, each creation is changing and evolving the way the world looks at timepieces. In order to break the rules, you first must master them, and undoubtedly, Audemars Piguet does this in spades.

Audemars Piguet Watch

From beautiful frosted gold, available in the women’s collection, to exciting hues offered in the men’s collection, Audemars Piguet is forever pushing the boundaries of modern aesthetics while always honoring tradition. Their endlessly inventive creations have turned heads for over a century and continue to demand attention today.

Audemars Piguet Watch

The combination of history, tradition, beauty, and precision perfectly come together in an Audemars Piguet timepiece, thereby representing superlatively haute horology and your unique relationship with that special someone. We can help you find the timepiece perfectly matched to the loved one on your list this holiday season. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to start your holiday shopping and create a magical moment in time this holiday season!

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A Commitment to Heritage and Innovation

IWC has been committed to their heritage for nearly 150 years. Developing timepieces that encompass precision engineering and timeless design, IWC is internationally recognized as one of the world’s premier watchmakers. This month we acknowledge the heritage, horology, and haute couture that is the International Watch Company (IWC).

Founded by Bostonian Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868, IWC’s roots begin in Schaffhausen. With a plan to marry advanced American production and the skilled craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers, Jones found the perfect location to set up what would become one of the world’s most revered watch companies. A modern facility, a hydropower plant driven by the Rhine and a centuries-old horology tradition combined to lay the foundation for IWC. The company’s reputation was solidified from the start, demonstrating innovative spirit and revolutionary technology. From the Pallweber pocket watch in 1885 to the modern wristwatch featuring the 64 caliber watch movement, IWC has continually revolutionized horology.

IWC Watch

IWC’s family of watches look back on a long history of tradition. From robust watches for everyday wear to professional sports watches, IWC captures haute horology at its finest. With each watch being individually handcrafted by professional watchmakers, the trained eye, skilled dexterity and attention to detail are immediately recognizable in each piece. The commitment and dedication evident in each timepiece showcase the meticulous workmanship, functionality, and design. Each IWC piece is an outstanding example of the art of watchmaking at its pinnacle.

IWC Watch

Aside from the renowned craftsmanship evident in an IWC wristwatch, the company also merits recognition for their dedication and devotion to ecological responsibility and social commitment. Partnering with organizations that support children living in difficult circumstances as well as aligning with groups that work against climate change, IWC launches special editions of their watches to reflect their current projects. Moreover, some of the proceeds from their sales also make contributions to the foundations in question. With indisputable craftsmanship a commitment to history and support of social causes, IWC is a leader amongst luxury watch brands and signifies prestige for any gentleman who wears one.

IWC Watch

Are you looking for the timepiece that complements your values and lifestyle? Our passion and years of experience combine to bring you unparalleled service. You can now shop from the comfort of your own home or office through our Skype service! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 and allow us to help match you with your next great timepiece!

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Honoring Excellence: Patek Philippe

The prestige and desirability of a Patek Philippe timepiece extend beyond the precision of craftsmanship. It embodies an entire culture and history within the mechanics and aesthetics of one of the world’s most coveted timepieces. Patek Philippe has been living by their own values since the company’s inception in 1839, creating an environment of excellence that transfers to their timepieces, making it a must-own for connoisseurs worldwide.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is Geneva’s oldest independent family-owned watch manufacturer. This independence allows for the company to have complete creative control resulting in an exceptional timepiece that reflects the high standards and independent spirit of Patek Philippe. This independence allows for the company to pursue their long-term vision, ensuring that the spirit of the brand guarantees continuity, durability, and trustworthiness.

Patek Philippe

While always honoring the traditions of the art form, Patek Philippe is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of innovation within the field of horology. Speaking to this, the company has filed over 80 patents within the field, with over 20 of them being of major significance. The willingness to evolve, while always acknowledging the roots and core values of the company, allows Patek Philippe to continually assert its place in the forefront of the industry.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe’s watches have long been regarded as exclusive. Over 200 models are in regular production and are fitted with in-house movements. The rigorous standard to which all of these timepieces are held up to, result in a months-long process for the creation of a single piece; making each Patek Philippe highly coveted, precious and valuable. As a product of extraordinary work, craftsmanship and dedication, a truly spectacular Patek Philippe timepiece is an investment in the present and the future. Regularly being sold for record prices at auction, Patek Philippe has an outstanding reputation- and perhaps more importantly great sentimental value to its owner and family members. Undoubtedly, a true heritage piece that can be passed down to future generations to honor life’s truly unforgettable moments in time.

To acquire a Patek Philippe is to be the guardian of an artistic and technological tradition which has been handed down with care to those who truly appreciate and acknowledge the work of art they are wearing on their wrist. By acquiring a Patek Philippe timepiece, one acknowledges the tradition they are starting in their own family- a timepiece designed to accompany successive generations in life’s unforgettable moments. We can help you find the perfect timepiece for your lifestyle! Our commitment, experience and years of passion combine to provide you with unparalleled service. You can now shop from the comfort of your own home or office through our Skype services! Visit our Facebook page at or call us at 561.368.1454 to get inspired for your next heritage timepiece!

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To find out more about Patek Philippe visit the following website:

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Fashion on Fire

The scorching summer months may be winding, down- but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our eyes on the world’s top designers whose upcoming collections are en fuego. We love the combination of a timeless, treasured timepiece matched with some of the hottest and freshest fashion. This month we take a look at some of our favorite designers and suggest the timepieces that would complement the look perfectly. Prepare to set your fashion game on fire and turn some heads this season.

Needles: Even for those who keep their finger on the fashion pulse, Needles seems to have taken the scene by surprise. While the brand has been around since 1997, it is only recently that the looks of designer Keizo Shimizu have been on the backs of hot DJs and celebrities everywhere. Inspired by classic American looks, Shimizu modelled his designs off of the free look of American fashion and the idea that there should be no rules to looking “cool.” What you can expect from this look is a mix of rugged Americana and Japanese textiles which combine for a ruggedly eccentric sporty feel. We love the look of matching the Patek Philippe with Shimizu’s style. The celebrated style of the Annual Calendar speaks to the classic style Shimizu strives for, but the attention to detail and the luxurious touches will delight the timepiece connoisseur. As Shimizu is a blend between East and West, we feel the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar is a blend between the classic and the creative.

Patagonia: Long regarded as the go-to brand for authentic, well-designed outdoor wear, Patagonia does their thing with little regard for the “noise” that can accompany the fashion world. With a company motto that strives to provide the best product with no unnecessary harm, Patagonia is also deeply invested in the environment. Creating a look that is simple and stylish, Patagonia is good at what they do. With over a billion dollars in sales, it is clear that those who are looking for the best in rugged outdoor wear agree with what Patagonia is doing. Unquestionably, the best match for the man who dons this designer is a timepiece from IWC. Strongly committed to the heritage behind their 150 year history, IWC creates a timepiece that is unmistakably rugged, yet exudes extraordinary precision and craftsmanship. IWC brings the finest technology and meticulous attention to detail to complete the look of the man who explores the outdoors, yet appreciates undeniable quality and luxury.

Lemaire: Super minimal with a nod to German progressive music as inspiration, Lemaire uses natural tones, woven fabrics and supple leather to achieve the iconic look. With a desire to stick to essential, uncompromising simplicity, the quality of Christophe Lemaire’s pieces are lighting up the runways. Striving to create a line of clothing that is spontaneous and free, Lemaire achieves this through unstructured lines and a look that comes across as natural and unforced. Lemaire exudes an every day, “real-life” chic and is a look that appears simple, yet sophisticated. The perfect timepiece for the designer who is able to pleasantly surprise through elevated basics is certainly Jaeger LeCoultre. We love the Jaeger LeCoultre Extreme World Rossi and believe the passion and unequaled craftsmanship and skill evident in every Jaeger LeCoultre timepiece pairs perfectly with the simple, yet progressive style of Lemaire.

Let us help you find the perfect timepiece to match your lifestyle! Your style is something that is uniquely you, and your timepiece should say the same thing! You can now shop with us from the comfort of your home or office through our Skype shopping experience! Our passion and years of experience combine to give you an unforgettable shopping experience. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to begin your journey towards your next great timepiece!

For more on these fashion looks you can also visit –

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Sizzlin’ Summer Style

We love the summer months and the white hot fashion they bring with them. From loud and funky to classically understated to the most exquisitely tailored suit, the best dressed know how to get noticed. In honor of our favorite time of year we take a look at some of our most-loved looks and pair the perfect timepiece to complete the look. A well curated style is not complete without the quintessential accessory, so this month we ensure we’ve got you covered so you can sizzle this summer with the best look possible.

Fun, Funky Fashion: We love designer Robert Graham. Iconic patterns and luxe silhouettes combine to create an image that is fashion forward and playful. From sports shirts to designer jeans and polos, this designer has got you covered. This fashion icon is for the gentleman who is not afraid to assert his individuality while donning high fashion duds and we love to see this look on the street. Confident and exciting, this is a summer trend we can get behind. For the fellow who sports this designer, we also see him adorning the equally playful timepieces of Franck Muller. Similarly exquisite with a hollering presence, this timepiece stands up to the bold looks of Robert Graham. With its complicated movements and original design this is the perfect match for the man who admires a bold, individualistic style and demands a timepiece that can stand up to a guy who knows his own style.

Youthful, Wild and Fashionable: We are fans of accessories, and shoes reign supreme when it comes to statement pieces that are interchangeable. The looks of Stubbs and Wooten are popular, trendy and on point when it comes to footwear that gets noticed. Fun and fashionable and miles away from a conformist style, this shoe designer creates looks that can be worn with jeans and a blazer and easily transitions between events. Matching this style with a timepiece, we think this look just shouts Patek Philippe as it encompasses the prestige and effortless style synonymous with the iconic brand. The fine detailing and meticulous craftsmanship suggest a man who appreciates the minutia of style without getting bogged down it. A truly exceptional summer style for the horology connoisseur who knows the look that represents him best.

Subtle, Sophistication: There is something undeniably envious about the man who exudes sophistication while quietly asserting his clean, classic, recognizable style. This is the man who has the impossibly perfect tailored suit in the hottest cut and colour and finished off with an exquisite pocket square or set of cuff links to complete the look. The only thing that could heighten this look is the perfectly chosen timepiece. We envision Panerai as the pièce de résistance that completes this look. Combining a passion for horology and technology, this watch completes the look of the man who knows what he wants and constantly strives towards achieving it. This is a style we can get behind as it is assertive without commanding to be the centre of attention. True sophistication through style.

Floral, Feminine, Playful: We can’t get enough of the summer looks from Lily Pulitzer. Classically feminine, these outfits bring joy to the exciting summer days ahead. Vibrant prints and patterns come together in romantic resort dresses that suggest a readiness for lunch at the beach club or an evening along the boardwalk. For the woman who brings these looks to life, we love the pairing of an Ulysse Nardin timepiece. The Lady Marine Diver in all white is the quintessential summer look to bring your favorite floral sundress over the top. With a diamond bezel and mother of pearl diamond dial, this timepiece is clean, fresh and a necessary accessory to complete your summer look.

We love fashion and the jewels that complete the look! We can help you find your perfect timepiece to suit your lifestyle! Our passion and years of experience combine to bring you an unparalleled experience. You can shop from the comfort of your own home or office through our Skype service! Visit our Facebook page at or call us at 561.368.1454 and let us help you find the perfect timepiece to complete your white hot summer outfit.

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Hot Wheels Call for Hot Timepieces

If there is something we love besides exquisite timepieces and jewelry, it is hot weather and hot cars. As we enter the summer months ahead, we turn our attention to some of the best looking cars on the market. You’ve worked hard to achieve greatness so we think your accessories should indicate that. From a timeless watch to stunning car, you deserve the best!

Lamborghini Aventador S: Evolving from the Aventador which was released in 2011, the Aventador S has been refined to increase its power and speed and freshen up its design. The coupe’s V-12 generates 740 horsepower and benefits from the newly added four wheel steering. Accelerating from zero-60 mph in less than 3 seconds, it still maintains it driveability on meandering drives through the countryside on a Sunday afternoon. The newly redesigned body greets you with an aggressively ascetic front and a head-turning rear deck. This is perfect for the gentleman who appreciates speed and power in an accessible luxury car. To pair with the take notice speed and looks of the Aventador S we envision the driver of this luxury vehicle wearing the Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton on his wrist. Like the Aventador S, the contemporary, bold design of the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon makes it instantly recognizable and its functionality makes it a necessary must-have.

Aston Martin DB11: Aston Martin is known for turning heads. The preferred ride for James Bond is the DB5 and now Aston Martin has released the next generation, the DB11. With a classic design, the DB11 has clean lines and a look that will remain timeless and coveted as the years pass. The twin turbo charged V-12 has 600 horsepower and a top speed of 200 mph. The updated interior has an information and entertainment system control panel and stellar sound from Bang and Olufsen to ensure your ride is as smooth on the inside as it is on the outside. For such a classic car, we think the Jaeger LeCoultre Aston Martin is a match made in luxury heaven. The iconic look of the Day-Date II is synonymous with influential people and is pursued by those who desire innovation and achievement; an image that is certain to be timeless.

Porsche 911 Turbo: From zero-60mph in 2.8 seconds, the 580hp 911 Turbo provides a perhaps surprisingly well rounded driving experience. The steering is light and precise and the suspension is smooth. Despite being a compact sports car, the 911 Turbo offers great visibility and rides like a much bigger, open car. Ergonomic seats ensure you are comfortable as you hug turns and accelerate through corners. The always evolving engineering and performance come together elegantly in this car. It seems after all these years of developing this model, Porsche gets it just right. Defying convention since 1993, we think the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore speaks to the owner of the Porsche 911 Turbo. Sporty, masculine and powerful, the Royal Oak Offshore is celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year and with such craftsmanship and aesthetic perfection it is not hard to see how this watch has stood the test of time in a market that demands perfection.

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Give your woman the Royal Treatment

We all have that woman in our life that we cannot live without. She’s a wife, mother, partner, step-mom, grandmother or best friend- or perhaps she is a combination of these. One thing is for certain, this month is designed for her. Show your woman – your queen! – how much you appreciate her and choose a truly unique Mother’s Day gift this May. For a little inspiration we turn to the Royal family to have a look at some of their prized jewels to aid in some of our suggestions for your cherished woman.

One of the most impressive crowns on display at the Tower of London is the crown made for the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth. This crown contains the Mountain of Light diamond. With a history that traces back to the 13th Century, this crown is said to bring good luck to any woman who holds it. We think a more practical, wearable collection of diamonds exists in an exquisite Chopard Your Hour timepiece. Adorned with diamonds, a Mother of Pearl dial and a white gold buckle, this is the perfect piece for the woman who values opulence but also appreciates practicality. This timepiece may very well bring her luck, but one thing we are certain about is that when your queen wears this luxury watch, she will know how much she is cherished.

Suspended from the arches of the Imperial Crown of State are pearls that were worn as earrings by Elizabeth I. In total, this magnificent piece boasts over 2700 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 277 pearls, 11 emeralds and 5 rubies. This priceless crown exudes legendary elegance and symbolizes the head of the monarchy. To honor the matriarch in your life a graceful Brooch that supports many of the same jewels as the Imperial Crown is a beautifully unique gift this Mother’s Day. Glittering yellow gold adorned with diamond and sapphires, this is the perfect piece to complement any outfit she may wear. From her next meeting, to a lunch with friends, this piece is a worthy addition to the collection of the most discerning woman. A uniquely perfect gift to commemorate her personality and style.

The largest cut diamond in the world is in the Royal Sceptre with the Cross. While there are several other sceptres in the Royal collection, the Royal Sceptre is an impressive three feet in length and made of gold. In addition to the stunning diamond, the Sceptre also boasts many other gorgeous jewels. With this magnificent diamond in mind, we think an absolutely gorgeous Yellow Diamond Platinum Ring pays homage to the jewels in the Royal collection. A breathtaking 9.03 carats, this ring is the pièce de résistance and is guaranteed to both “wow” her as well as turn heads every time she wears it. Exquisite jewels were meant for queens and we know this one will make the most memorable Mother’s Day for yours.

Give her a gift this Mother’s Day that will last a lifetime! We can help you find the perfect gift for the most important woman in your life. Whether she is mother, wife or best friend, we can help. Shop from the comfort of your own home or office through our Skype service! Give us a call at at 561.368.1454 or visit our Facebook page at for more gift giving inspiration.
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Take Us Out to the Ballgame!

We are saying goodbye to cooler winter months and welcoming the warmer weather Spring is ushering in. Perhaps more exciting than the nicer weather is the sport that Spring will be bringing with it. It’s baseball season! With the World Baseball Classic recently wrapping up, Marlin’s Stadium will be opening its doors to thousands of fans from across the State. Whether you’re a Marlins’ or Rays’ fan, one thing is clear- aside from the world-class skills these players exhibit, we also admire the style of some of our favorite players. In honor of America’s game taking the field for opening day across the country this month, we take a look at some of our favorite fashionable players and some of the watches we think would match their lifestyle perfectly.

Giancarlo Stanton: Naturally, we have to feature our hometown boy first! The Marlins’ slugger is not only a prodigy on the field- we think his fashion sense propels him into superstar status as well. This multi-winning National League All-Star and 2016 homerun derby winner, is used to hitting them out of the park; and the way he rocks a suit is no different. His Instagram account is full of slick suits and fashion items that feature clean lines. His fashion sense is a nice mix of the traditional with a modern twist. Given his style and the fact he routinely sends the ball through the air- we think the perfect timepiece for Stanton is the IWC Top Gun Miramar. With a rugged silhouette and ceramic case, this watch features durable functionality with unmistakeable style. This is a great timepiece for the man who excels at what he does and looks good while doing it.

Bryce Harper: It is hard to look at the young blood in MLB and not look at Harper. The first overall draft pick in 2010 is only 24 years old and is hitting bombs and making a name for himself on the Nationals roster. Being touted as a “five-tool player”, Harper was the youngest position player to ever be named to the All-Star team. With so much experience and success under his belt already, we are excited to see what this young player can do with the rest of his career in the Majors. Exuding a style of casual confidence, Harper has been seen in anything from a beanie to a bold suit jacket. The perfect watch for a young star forging his path on the field and in fashion is undoubtedly the Franck Muller Long Island. Inspired by the Art Deco style, the Long Island is becoming the leading collection for Franck Muller. Its iconic rectangular shape and numbers makes it a standout in design which fits comfortably on the wrist of the gentleman who is very quickly making a name for himself.

Cole Hamels: The starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers is known throughout baseball as having one of the best changeups in the game. Hard to hit for lefties and next to impossible to hit for righties, Hamels also has a World Series MVP title to his name. Successful from high school to the pros, Hamels has routinely been at the top of his game. An attendee of charity fashion shows and featured in magazine spreads, Cole Hamels is also no stranger to the fashion world. With his record of accomplishments, Audemars Piguet Offshore Alinghi is the perfect fit for Hamels. This limited edition timepiece was made for the 2007 America’s Cup defender. Unique and limited to only 1300 worldwide, this watch is also notable for being the world’s first forged carbon case. We think this limited edition watch is the perfect fit for the man who is also in a class all his own.

We can help you find the timepiece that is the perfect fit to your lifestyle! Whether you are rewarding yourself, looking for an unforgettable gift or adding the next great timepiece to your collection, we have the watch for you! You can now shop from the comfort of your own home or office through our Skype shopping experience. Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to find your next great piece!

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Refresh Your Style

You may have made your resolution in January to live your 2017 in a different or more dynamic way, but with spring just around the corner we think that this is the time of year that is perfect for reinventing yourself. The season itself symbolizes rebirth and regeneration and we think that is as good a reason as any to reinvent your style. A great timepiece is a symbol for how you live your life. What message does your current timepiece send? This month we take a look at some of our favorite statement-making watches that are guaranteed to help you recreate your image.


Blancpain Fifty Fathoms: The Fifty Fathoms collection embodies Blancpain’s passion for the underwater world. This model features the signature elements that have forged the company’s reputation as the archetypal diver’s watch. From underwater photographers, to divers to marine enthusiasts, Blancpain has crafted a timepiece that acknowledges the needs of those who go under the water’s surface while maintaining balance with flawless design. Blancpain continues to push the boundaries of haute horology as they use innovative materials and push technological limits as they create their timepieces to satisfy high expectations. This is a watch that shines in its professionalism and its sophistication.

Breitling Bentley B06: This highly exclusive timepiece marries style and precision craftsmanship. Distinguished by its “30 second chronograph” system, this model ensures an extremely accurate time reading; within an eighth-of-a-second. Another world exclusive feature is the “variable tachymeter” with rotating bezel which allows for accurate measurement of average speed and/or distance. The decidedly original design puts the Breitling Bentley B06 in a class all its own, appealing to the timepiece and fashion aficionado alike. This watch makes a bold fashion statement and backs it up with unsurpassed craftsmanship.

Patek Philippe Travel Time: One of the undisputed greats in watch making, Patek Philippe offers consistency and a philosophy of excellence that is embodied in all of their watches. As Geneva’s oldest family-owned independent watchmaker Patek Philippe is afforded the opportunity to exercise creative freedom while holding their timepieces to time-tested levels of excellence. In their quest to create the most exceptional watch, the Travel Time embodies the spirit of durability as well as Geneva’s great watch making tradition. The beautiful, timeless gestures of the Travel Time combine both aesthetics and reliability making this sought after timepiece a necessary addition to your collection.

What does your image say about you? Stop thinking about your next great timepiece and let us help you find the perfect watch for your lifestyle! Our passion and years of experience combine to give you an unsurpassed experience. You can even shop from your home or office with our Skype shopping experience! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to refresh your style this spring!

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Honor Achievement

As the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots set to face off this month for the pinnacle achievement in football: the Vince Lombardi Trophy, it has us thinking about other pieces of coveted hardware that men strive for their entire lives. In addition to the trophy, the Super Bowl ring that is awarded to this year’s champs is a coveted piece of jewelry that represents passion, hard-work and dedication. To wear it symbolizes achievement and success to the highest degree in the football world. However, that ring is not the only thing that represents these qualities. This month we focus on some of our favorite timepieces that men also hope to wear during their lifetime. A standout, well crafted, luxurious watch also symbolizes achievement and success; even if your career does not find you on the turf every Sunday.


Ulysse Nardin: A company admired for their determination to master every aspect of the craft of watchmaking in-house, the connection between a Super Bowl champ and the Swiss watchmaker is evident. In the same way an elite athlete dedicates their time to perfecting the playbook or mastering the best route, Ulysse Nardin has done the same within the world of watchmaking. Producing iconic timepieces full of ingenuity and technical achievement, this is a timepiece ideal for the wrist of the man who has his sights set firmly on his goals and remains steadfast in his pursuit of them. The Executive Skeleton is the quintessential timepiece that combines the ingenuity of technical prowess Ulysse Nardin is known for with elegant style. The result is an innovative and bold timepiece with a truly independent aesthetic.

Rolex: What Rolex represents is no mystery. The iconic watch maker has carried with it history and prestige and as a result is universally admired for its precise craftsmanship and impeccable style. The archetype of the luxury diver’s watch, we liken the football hall of famers to the Submariner. When you are at the top of your game, whether it be watchmaking, athletics or in the business world, your brand becomes the one others strive to be. With features that capitalize on functionality as well as style, the Submariner achieves the status of one of the greatest watches of all time. Truly a fitting timepiece as we turn our attention towards some of the greatest athletes of all time on Super Bowl Sunday.

Franck Muller: Pushing the barriers of watchmaking through its superb in-house capabilities that honor both technique and tradition, Franck Muller has created iconic watches that embody opulence. Complicated movements and unique design are the bedrock for Franck Muller and perhaps nothing embodies that quite as well as the Conquistador. Being a relatively young company, Franck Muller is excelling within the field of horology. In the same way rookies will be looking to prove themselves on the field this Super Bowl, Frank Muller has done it in spades. The easily identifiable silhouette of the Conquistador allows the brand to express its identity while firmly creating a space for itself among the top tier timepiece companies.

Isn’t it time to invest in the timepiece you have always wanted? Honor your hard work, ambition and success with a legacy timepiece. Our passion and years of experience combine to help you find the watch that is perfectly matched to your lifestyle. Still stuck on what to get your love this February 14th? We can also help you find the perfect piece for your Valentine! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see what we can offer you. Celebrate your milestones beautifully with Jewels in Time!

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