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IWC has been committed to their heritage for nearly 150 years. Developing timepieces that encompass precision engineering and timeless design, IWC is internationally recognized as one of the world’s premier watchmakers. This month we acknowledge the heritage, horology, and haute couture that is the International Watch Company (IWC).

Founded by Bostonian Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868, IWC’s roots begin in Schaffhausen. With a plan to marry advanced American production and the skilled craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers, Jones found the perfect location to set up what would become one of the world’s most revered watch companies. A modern facility, a hydropower plant driven by the Rhine and a centuries-old horology tradition combined to lay the foundation for IWC. The company’s reputation was solidified from the start, demonstrating innovative spirit and revolutionary technology. From the Pallweber pocket watch in 1885 to the modern wristwatch featuring the 64 caliber watch movement, IWC has continually revolutionized horology.

IWC Watch

IWC’s family of watches look back on a long history of tradition. From robust watches for everyday wear to professional sports watches, IWC captures haute horology at its finest. With each watch being individually handcrafted by professional watchmakers, the trained eye, skilled dexterity and attention to detail are immediately recognizable in each piece. The commitment and dedication evident in each timepiece showcase the meticulous workmanship, functionality, and design. Each IWC piece is an outstanding example of the art of watchmaking at its pinnacle.

IWC Watch

Aside from the renowned craftsmanship evident in an IWC wristwatch, the company also merits recognition for their dedication and devotion to ecological responsibility and social commitment. Partnering with organizations that support children living in difficult circumstances as well as aligning with groups that work against climate change, IWC launches special editions of their watches to reflect their current projects. Moreover, some of the proceeds from their sales also make contributions to the foundations in question. With indisputable craftsmanship a commitment to history and support of social causes, IWC is a leader amongst luxury watch brands and signifies prestige for any gentleman who wears one.

IWC Watch

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