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The world’s most iconic watches achieve this status for a reason. Combining superb craftsmanship, innovative technology, and timeless aesthetics help to cement some of the world’s best timepieces as the most enviable and desirable to own. This month we honor one of horology’s classics and perhaps one of the most recognizable brands, Rolex.


The timepiece that high achieving individuals own- there is a reason Rolex has become recognizable worldwide. Crafted from the finest materials and assembled with meticulous detail, Rolex timepieces are undoubtedly designed to the most exacting standards. Founded in 1905, Rolex has a long legacy of creating perfection and aligning itself with horological excellence. Aside from its indisputable aesthetic appeal, Rolex has revolutionized the industry, providing many “firsts.” From the first waterproof watch with the Oyster model in 1926, to the first wristwatch to show two time zones simultaneously with the GMT Master in 1954, Rolex has long been revered for its dedication to evolving the craft while always honoring tradition.


Rolex offers a wide range of models, from the professional to the classic, ensuring there is a timepiece for every wrist. With the option to choose the material, the bezel, the dial and the bracelet, the discerning consumer can find the piece that is perfectly suited to their tastes and their lifestyle. As personal and individual as the process of selecting the quintessential timepiece can be, Rolex allows for the opportunity for each person to find the watch that matches their criteria exactly.

While every Rolex is cherished, the meaning each timepiece brings to its owner is as individualistic as the person who wears it. Whether it signifies personal accomplishment, a life milestone or represents a family heirloom, a Rolex timepiece often transcends its material value and becomes a priceless symbol of a life well-lived. Exceptional moments are honored and remembered with Rolex and with each check of the date or time the wearer is automatically returned to that precious moment in time.


We can help you cherish those memories and remember those moments in time! Our passion and years of experience combine to create the most exceptional experience for you! Let us help you to find the timepiece that best represents your life accomplishments and personal style. Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jewelsintime or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to start your search for the perfect timepiece.

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