Casual and Confident: The Perfect Everyday Timepiece

March 4, 2022

Delving into the world of haute horology is exciting, engaging, — as well as a sizeable investment. If you are looking for your first luxury timepiece, one that can transition easily between the boardroom, school function, date night, and that fundraising gala, things such as the aesthetic, materials, and craftsmanship should all be top of mind. Searching for the brand that elevates your presence, while speaking to your lifestyle is the timepiece you confidently wear every day as you navigate through your full life.

Characteristics of an Everyday Watch:

  • Versatile: An ideal everyday timepiece will pair nicely with many outfits, are appropriate for many occasions, and have the option to have interchangeable bracelets and straps to help change up the look of your timepiece.
  • Average Sizing: For a timepiece that is going to be worn every day, it is ideal to ensure the timepiece is not too dainty, but also not too large. Looking for a watch that is between 34mm to 40mm in size is ideal for daily wear.
  • Case Materials: For a watch that is going to be put to use every day, typically these timepieces will not include precious metals. The most resilient and resistant materials will be titanium, or steel helping to ensure your timepiece can keep up with your lifestyle – keeping it looking pristine for years to come.

Understanding the characteristics of an everyday luxury watch is a great place to start. Applying these characteristics to the timepieces crafted by your favorite horology house is Step Two. Iconic pieces that have stood out within the field combine craftsmanship, aesthetics, and functionality to be superior everyday timepieces.

Omega Seamaster: For those who find their lifestyle brings them routinely around water, the Omega Seamaster has long been the timepiece of choice for those living the life of aquatic adventures. Available in 38 mm and 41 mm case sizing, with striking dials and detailing, this stainless-steel watch will not only serve your needs on a daily basis but will look good while doing it.

Rolex Datejust: The archetype of the classic watch is embodied in the Rolex Datejust. With functions and aesthetics that never go out of style, Rolex is the perfect iconic brand that seamlessly transitions between day and date, business and casual. 36 mm case size and beautiful 24k gold and stainless-steel materials make it not only a practical timepiece for everyday wear, but stunningly eye-catching as well.

Panerai Luminor: With a bezel that is recognizable anywhere, the Luminor is one of the world’s most-loved Panerai models. With the unmistakable small seconds’ indicator at nine o’clock and the date at three o’clock, these are trademarks of the Panerai brand. High-quality technical content and subtly designed proportions make this timepiece an everyday essential.

Summer is here and it is time to get out and play! There is no need to sacrifice either function or style when transitioning from garden cocktails to weekend sailing expeditions. Are you looking to add your next great piece to your collection? We have the experience, resources, and passion to help you find the timepiece that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

We know luxury timepieces! Our team has the knowledge and passion to help match you with the timepiece that speaks to your lifestyle. We have a unique selection of both new and previously gently owned haute horology pieces. Visit our Facebook page or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to see what we have to offer you!

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