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Expect the Best in 2018

With the holidays behind us, it is time to focus on being the best version of you for the New Year. We think one of the priorities on your radar should be striving towards honoring your achievements and surrounding yourself with the finest in 2018. These exquisite fineries include: Spending quality time with good friends in great places, creating your best moments with family and loved ones and surrounding yourself with the finest quality accessories that speak both to your accomplishments as well as honoring your personal tastes and lifestyle. This month we feature one of our favorite products, the Everest watch band. This premiere company offers alternate bands for your cherished Rolex; the first company to do so for this world-class brand.

Everest bands

The status and prestige that is synonymous with Rolex are undisputed. The iconic look of a Rolex has been coveted and revered across time and place. The team at Everest are Rolex enthusiasts and strive to help to bring your timepiece to the next level. Their passion and knowledge about the Rolex brand, as well as their passion for their own product comes through in spades as they work towards offering you an array of band options to quickly and easily change the look of your timepiece.

Everest bands

Your timepiece is one of the most often worn items in your collection and is also one of the signature pieces that allows you to express your style. By coupling your Rolex with one of Everest’s custom bands, the discerning consumer has the opportunity to fully customize their watch, thereby expressing their style, individuality, and good taste. We love the combination of the Submariner paired with the tan leather band offered by Everest. The Swiss craftsmanship of the band paired with the precise craftsmanship of the Rolex is a winning combination.

Everest bands

Everest has a band for every taste and style. From supple calf leather bands to alligator embossed leather or even vulcanized Swiss rubber, Everest offers the material and the color selection to appeal to every Rolex lover. Interchangeable and easily and effortlessly changed back to the original band, Everest offers the opportunity to fully customize your timepiece and truly make it your own.

Everest bands

We have a wide selection of Rolex watches available for you to choose from. Allow our passion and years of experience to guide you in your selection of your next great timepiece! Surround yourself with only the best this year! We have got what you’re looking for! Now you can shop from the comfort of your own home or office through our Skype service. Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jewelsintime or give us a call at 561.368.1454 to start your journey towards your next exquisite piece. Interested in one of the Everest bands mentioned in this article? Visit their website at https://www.everestbands.com/ to see their entire collection.

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