Go Above and Beyond for Love

February 1, 2019

Finding the person who truly understands you, supports you, celebrates your accomplishments and stands by your side during difficult times is an amazing gift. And while you appreciate and value that person’s contribution to your life every day, February allows you to pause, reflect and truly honor that person and their effect and influence on you and your well-being in a monumental way.

This Valentine’s Day we offer some gift ideas to help you symbolize the importance of your partner and remind them with a truly memorable gift, just how valued they are.

Cartier: With a long history of selling exquisite jewelry to royalty, we cannot think of a better timepiece to honor your queen with this Valentine’s Day. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has been seen wearing the Ballon Bleu on her wrist and we know it would look just as stunning on the arm of the woman of distinction in your life. The Ballon Bleu collection adds a dash of elegance to the wrist of the wearer, with time guided by Roman numerals and a deep blue winding mechanism. The collection floats through the world of horology and aesthetics, truly symbolizing the grace and beauty of the woman who wears it.

Chopard: Opulent jewels and precision craftsmanship are not only reserved for the most coveted timepieces. Refined design and supreme luxury also come together in Chopard’s Happy Spirit necklace. Yellow gold and diamonds glitter along her décolletage, as concentric hearts envelop a solitary diamond. This piece exudes elegant simplicity, perfectly embodying your love with an iconic heart adorned in diamonds. This is the quintessential piece to gift your amour on the day of the year reserved for true love.

Patek Philippe: With their unique heritage and luxury design, Patek Philippe continues to stand out as the high-end watch brand for connoisseurs around the globe. The Aquanaut embodies all that is modern, chic and sporty in the world of the Swiss watchmaker. Creating a sensation when first launched with its innovative look and functionality, this piece is a must-have in every man’s collection. Balancing enduring appeal and superb craftsmanship, Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut is the timepiece for the man who balances a busy workweek with weekends filled with adventure- truly the man you love.

Be luxurious in love this Valentine’s Day! We have the jewelry and the timepieces that are perfectly suited for your partner! From glittering diamonds to the world’s most coveted timepieces, our showroom has it all!

Our passion and years of experience work to match you with the perfect piece to compliment your partner’s lifestyle!

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