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As the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots set to face off this month for the pinnacle achievement in football: the Vince Lombardi Trophy, it has us thinking about other pieces of coveted hardware that men strive for their entire lives. In addition to the trophy, the Super Bowl ring that is awarded to this year’s champs is a coveted piece of jewelry that represents passion, hard-work and dedication. To wear it symbolizes achievement and success to the highest degree in the football world. However, that ring is not the only thing that represents these qualities. This month we focus on some of our favorite timepieces that men also hope to wear during their lifetime. A standout, well crafted, luxurious watch also symbolizes achievement and success; even if your career does not find you on the turf every Sunday.


Ulysse Nardin: A company admired for their determination to master every aspect of the craft of watchmaking in-house, the connection between a Super Bowl champ and the Swiss watchmaker is evident. In the same way an elite athlete dedicates their time to perfecting the playbook or mastering the best route, Ulysse Nardin has done the same within the world of watchmaking. Producing iconic timepieces full of ingenuity and technical achievement, this is a timepiece ideal for the wrist of the man who has his sights set firmly on his goals and remains steadfast in his pursuit of them. The Executive Skeleton is the quintessential timepiece that combines the ingenuity of technical prowess Ulysse Nardin is known for with elegant style. The result is an innovative and bold timepiece with a truly independent aesthetic.

Rolex: What Rolex represents is no mystery. The iconic watch maker has carried with it history and prestige and as a result is universally admired for its precise craftsmanship and impeccable style. The archetype of the luxury diver’s watch, we liken the football hall of famers to the Submariner. When you are at the top of your game, whether it be watchmaking, athletics or in the business world, your brand becomes the one others strive to be. With features that capitalize on functionality as well as style, the Submariner achieves the status of one of the greatest watches of all time. Truly a fitting timepiece as we turn our attention towards some of the greatest athletes of all time on Super Bowl Sunday.

Franck Muller: Pushing the barriers of watchmaking through its superb in-house capabilities that honor both technique and tradition, Franck Muller has created iconic watches that embody opulence. Complicated movements and unique design are the bedrock for Franck Muller and perhaps nothing embodies that quite as well as the Conquistador. Being a relatively young company, Franck Muller is excelling within the field of horology. In the same way rookies will be looking to prove themselves on the field this Super Bowl, Frank Muller has done it in spades. The easily identifiable silhouette of the Conquistador allows the brand to express its identity while firmly creating a space for itself among the top tier timepiece companies.

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