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Honoring History: Panerai

Part of the appeal of being an aficionado of the world’s finest timepieces is the rich and varied history behind some of the world’s Haute horology creators and innovators. Steeped in decades of history, often coming from grassroots beginnings, we love to learn the story behind the timepiece. One of those such stories surrounds Officine Panerai. Dating back to the first World War, Panerai patented its Radiomir substance. From there, they created their first timepiece, which is now known as the Radiomir. Created for the First Submarine Group Command of the Royal Italian Navy, the Radiomir patent marks the beginning of a legacy of innovation and ingenuity for Panerai.

Radiomir was discovered to have high luminosity and excellent underwater adhesive qualities immediately making it a key component in Officine Panerai’s production. The beautiful element of this historical moment is that to this day, Panerai mimics a lot of the original production elements of this timepiece. A large cushioned steel case, luminescent numerals, a hand-wound mechanical movement, and a water-resistant strap are all retained from the original prototype. This indicates quality craftsmanship and sound innovation all while meeting the technical and aesthetical needs of the modern collector.

Built on a legacy of Italian design, Swiss technology, and a passion for the sea, Panerai timepieces are a coveted item amongst the discerning horology connoisseur. Offering more than just history and aesthetics, Panerai timepieces speak to the contemporary man as the timepiece to support all of your interests and hobbies. From explorers to adventurers, from the mountains to the sea, Panerai can be found on the wrist of the most active of recreational enthusiasts. It is precisely because of this marrying of craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetics that helps to set Panerai timepieces apart, making them a truly coveted piece within the world of watchmaking and collecting.

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