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Honoring the Heroes in Our Lives

The last few months have tested us all. Pivoting to work from home, learn from home, and being confined with the same people with little reprieve has tested us all. Heroes have emerged throughout this pandemic, from healthcare workers to frontline staff to household heroes. We have seen the partner, spouse, or loved one press through when times got difficult. They problem solved when it felt like there was no solution and helped to keep everything (and everyone!) moving forward when it felt like the whole world was at a standstill.

As we begin to transition to a lifestyle that looks a little more like the one we recognize, it is time to honor that hero in your life, from the recent grad who didn’t get to experience convocation in the way they wanted to but smiled for pictures anyway, to the parent who did double duty working from home and keeping the kids learning at home simultaneously, as well as the doctors in our lives who still had to work every day — often with little to no downtime. A great accessory symbolizes the hard work and accomplishments of our household heroes during a time that has not been seen before in our lifetime. We love giving our loved ones something to smile about!

Household Hero #1: The Recent Grad Graduation is a rite of passage as students transition into either post-secondary education or when graduating from college, transitioning into the workforce. Formal dresses have been purchased, hairstyles have been chosen, and for many graduating students, they did not get the parties, ceremony, or pomp and circumstance they may have received if our lives were “business as usual.” Despite not having the traditional graduation, a keepsake honoring the occasion and the hard work of years of learning is a perfect way to acknowledge the achievement. A Rolex is perhaps one of the most iconic timepieces and the perfect symbol to honor this moment in a young person’s life. Decades from now, when they glance down to check the time, this moment in time will be remembered.

Household Hero #2: The Multitasking Mom For many, stay-at-home orders meant that they had to continue on the best they could while working from home. This took a lot of adjustment as folks across the country had to set up make-shift work stations at home, spend endless hours on video calls, and operate the best they could to mimic their traditional workday. As if that was not complicated enough, many parents also had to support their children during distance learning. This was a difficult task for many students to adjust to, which meant it was doubly difficult for parents/guardians to try to work their 9-5 job and support their children who were learning from home. Yet somehow, our multi-tasking heroes were able to juggle both and keep the work team and family team operational. We love the timeless elegance of a Cartier timepiece, and the legacy the brand carries; the perfect symbol for your multitasking hero.

Household Hero #3: The Doctor Not everyone had the luxury of being able to transition to working from home and staying safe inside. For a lot of industries, workers needed to leave the house during the pandemic; this is especially true for doctors. Aside from the stress and anxiety of working in hospitals during a health crisis, physicians who had to leave the house had the added stress of worrying about potentially bringing the virus home to their family. Increased protocols, social distancing, constant sanitizing/hand washing, and wearing a mask for hours at a time are all part of a healthcare worker’s day. The strength and resilience of those who had to push through the pandemic day in and day out while helping to save others is a task that we think needs to be honored! We love the strength and function of Ulysse Nardin and think this is the perfect timepiece for the doctor who persevered and kept working to keep others safe and healthy.

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