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A watch loving gentlemen with an appreciation for a fine cigar creates a tableau of sophistication, elegance and timeless masculinity. We think having good taste in watches naturally lends itself to having good taste in cigars. This month we are offering up a few ideas for some of our favorite watches and suggesting our most-loved cigars that we think would pair nicely and represent the watches you love best. A strong tradition of quality craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection are evident in both the finest watches as well as the finest cigars.

Franck Muller: A great brand that is unanimously respected within the watch community, Franck Muller is a brand renowned for their complex timepieces. Aside from their intricate craftsmanship, Franck Muller has also revolutionized the way luxury watch makers and buyers perceive design. Introducing the case shape known as the Cintrée Curvex™, the curved body with three dimensions involves great technical difficulty. This outside-of-the-box thinking has allowed Franck Muller to push the barriers of watch-making while still respecting the Swiss tradition. It seems to us that a natural fit for this respected, yet unique watch would be a cigar of a similar status. Partagas Serie D is not the most well-known Cuban cigar, but is certainly the connoisseur’s choice. Partagas is one of the oldest makers of Cuban cigars, and their blends are some of the best you can find. The strong intense flavor of a Partagas cigar compliments the iconic design of a Franck Muller watch to a point of perfection.

Hublot: Known for its groundbreaking innovation, Hublot is the Swiss watchmaker who likes to push boundaries. With their “Art of Fusion” philosophy, Hublot is not afraid to use a combination of unique materials to craft an unexpected and revolutionary timepiece. Hublot is the creator of the world’s first and only scratch proof 18 carat gold; making them the innovators of inimitable watch design. From gold to carbon fiber to rubber to ceramic, the combination of materials available to help craft the perfect Hublot watch seems limitless. Hublot has long been known for its elite partnerships and their partnership with Dominican cigar maker Arturo Fuente is no exception. Long regarded for their use of a combination of Cameroon and Dominican tobacco since its debut 30 years ago, Arturo Fuente’s use of pioneering combinations in their cigars fits naturally alongside Hublot’s ground-breaking watch making design. We believe that this is a winning combination.

Patek Philippe: Truly a brand that is rich with history Patek Philippe owes its existence to the 18th century separation of Poland. The partnership of Antoni Norbert Patek de Prawdzic and French watchmaker Jean-Adrien Philippe came about after Patek was exiled from Poland in 1832. This rich and varied history is good for luxury watch aficionados as the end result is one of the world’s most well crafted, iconic brands. Patek Philippe watches are so desired that they consistently break auction records. With a legacy such as theirs and superior craftsmanship that is synonymous with the brand, it is not hard to see why Patek Philippe is so coveted. A timepiece of this magnitude aligns well with a cigar of similar pedigree. Le Bijou cigars are dark and strong with a Nicaraguan blend from top to bottom. This is a box pressed cigar that features a Cuban seed wrapper that delivers complex notes in a clear and harmonious way. Patek Philippe and Le Bijou is an attention grabbing combination for those who appreciate history and luxury.

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