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Florida flavors are worth celebrating, and the arrival of spring is ushering in some of our favorite food and wine festivals. As festival season gears up over the next couple of months, we want to pause to consider how those who enjoy the finer things in life are able to do so — from the vintage Pinot Noirs they savor to the quintessential timepiece they wear while doing so. With both the Las Olas Food and Wine Festival and the Boynton Beach Food, Wine and Brew Festival quickly approaching, we consider some of the libations that will be offered as well as some of the stunning timepieces we expect to see while there.

Patek Phillippe
Wine Connoisseur: The gentleman who knows wine knows how to engage with the luxurious details in life and is as comfortable around a Cohiba Behike as he is a glass of 1990 Le Musigny Grand Cru. With a penchant for picking up the subtle notes in fine wines and knowing exactly which foods to pair it with, the man who pays attention to the meticulous details of life’s fineries is perfectly suited to the timeless elegance that is exuded by Patek Philippe. Known for manufacturing some of the most intricate and complicated timepieces, Patek Philippe has mastered horology and as a result, has created a legacy of artistry and skill.

Craft Beer Aficionado: It seems new craft breweries are opening every day and for the gentleman who knows what to look for in an exceptional IPA or is able to pick up the artisanal flavors of a barrel-aged stout, craft beers offer an exciting opportunity to explore the different directions zymology can take their favorite drink. Being comfortable setting trends and trying new things, IWC speaks to the man who can identify a paradigm-shifting craft beer. With a passion for innovation and pushing the technological elements of horology, IWC has gained an international reputation for combining precise engineering and exclusive design.

Patek Phillippe
Food Taster Extraordinaire: The man with an exclusive pallet knows what he likes and knows what he is looking for as he explores new culinary creations. With an appreciation for the ability to extend culinary boundaries in an insightful and intelligent way, this connoisseur is able to differentiate the various subtleties that are inherent in skilled gastronomy; he loves experiencing culinary science that has been taken to the next level. The timepiece best suited to this man’s preferences is undoubtedly Panerai. Meticulous craftsmanship in both the culinary arena as well as horology is essential to this man. As such, Panerai and its natural blend of technology and design speak to the exquisite taste and high expectations necessary to create perfection.

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