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The Perfect Holiday Gift

‘Tis the season! You know the one – where the number of demands on us is greater than the number of hours in a day. Due to the busy nature of this time of year, hints and tips that will help us to be our most productive and efficient are always appreciated. Halloween is now in our rear view mirror, but Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are just around the corner. We have put together a couple of ideas to help you with your holiday gift giving, which we think will aid you in your quest for completing your lengthy to-do list.

When looking for holiday gift giving inspiration, we like to look to the stars to see what is on trend for this season. One of the hottest trends we love is the trend of the statement necklace. Stunning pieces seen recently on the necks of Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker have us swooning over a great necklace. Whether it is beaded, chunky, colorful or full of glitter, stylists and celebrities alike love the statement necklace. Giving a statement necklace to the lady in your life this holiday season will certainly help to make her the center of attention at all the important holiday soirées you need to attend!

While buying a private jet for your husband might not be in the cards–a la Beyoncé’s gift to hubby Jay-Z, you can still blow your man away with a stunning piece chosen especially for him. A great utilitarian watch made to the highest standards is the perfect gift that he can use all year long. We love the timeless look and durability of Omega’s Speedmaster watch. This is the perfect gift for the man who truly lives for every moment.

Don’t get overwhelmed this holiday season! We have something for everybody and our helpful staff can save you time! Let us be your go-to source this season, whether it be a gift for Hanukkah, Christmas, a Holiday proposal or a very special Moment in Time like a graduation or wedding day gift. We are here for you! Follow us on Facebook at or give us a call at 561-368-1454 and let us help to make your holiday shopping season a successful one!