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This Month Dad is the Real MVP

Let’s face it, dads are superheroes. They’re always there when you need them; they can fix almost anything, they grill the tastiest steaks and they know the best fishing spots.

This June, help your superhero celebrate Father’s Day in style. Every superhero has amazing accessories and your dad (or stepdad or grandfather) is no exception. This month we look to some of the sporting world’s elite to see what’s hot in men’s fashion to help you honor your dad this Father’s Day. This year, why not give your superhero one of the hottest watches on the market?

Martin Jones: Arguably San Jose’s goalie of the future, Jones has helped to keep the Sharks in the Stanley Cup finals. With an outstanding save percentage and nerves of steel, the young net minder has posted some stellar stats and games between the pipes this post season. We think a player who is as cool as ice and who has stepped up to the job under such high stakes would be perfectly matched with the Rolex Explorer II on his wrist. The robust, handcrafted detail of the Explorer II matches well with the bold play of Jones on the ice. This is the perfect watch for the dad who loves adventure and does not back down from a challenge. This is the ideal accessory for the man who can take on anything.

Sidney Crosby: It is not possible to discuss hockey without mentioning Crosby. Dominating the hockey world since joining the NHL, people will soon remember #87 in the same way they remember #99. The first overall draft pick is living up the hype 10 years later and his performance in the Stanley Cup finals is no different. For the athlete who is the best at what he does, there is no question that the Patek Philippe Nautilus is the watch we would pair with the man who is on the top of his game. For the guy in your life who excels at everything he does, we think this would be the perfect watch to gift him this Father’s Day. Make a statement with this watch and let dad know just how much you consider him to be the MVP in your life.

C.C. Sabathia: A long time Yankee, Sabathia is still performing this season. With one of the lowest ERAs in MLB last month, Sabathia is using a mix of his sinker and four-seam fastball to dominate the majors. Sabathia has demonstrated the ability to adapt as he logs more years in the MLB. The difference between a pitcher who makes the hall of fame and the pitcher who fizzles out as they age is in their ability to change and evolve as circumstances dictate. Sabathia has done just that and as a result we think the watch that best matches his style is the Yacht Master II. Marrying form and function, the Yactht Master II offers precision and synchronicity to an extent that sets it above the rest. Like Sabathia, the Yacht Master II has staying power and will be the staple accessory for the dad who is able to take whatever the world can throw at him.

Let us help you get the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day. We have a plethora of stunning timepieces available and can help you choose a truly unforgettable gift. Let the man who is always on your side know how much he means to you!

Visit us in person or give us a call at 561.368.1454 and start your hunt for the quintessential Father’s Day gift. Let our passion and years of experience help guide you. Visit out Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jewelsintime for more gift inspirations!


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